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Monetize your website with our simple offerwall Connect your users with brands they love. They share their opinion and get rewarded in your preferred app currency.

Fast and intuitive.

Our offerwall is both fast and intuitive, making it easy to use for your users, getting fast revenue to you.

Maximize Revenue

With our innovative Offerwall Ads format, you can increase the revenue of your business in short time. .

Easy Integration

Integration is faster and easier than you think. You will soon start to earn money from your users.

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67 $


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Maximize Monetization

KING-WALL is the industry’s fastest growing Reward Monetization Marketplace.
We connect advertisers to engaged audiences around the world with a user-centric focus.
Our advanced, proprietary technology provides a best-in-class native ad experience to users and drives quality at volume for developers and marketers alike.

  • PTC
  • CashLink
  • OfferWall
  • Affiliate Program


Premium Demand

Reach captivated audiences worldwide to maximize your ARPDAU and eCPMs with the industry’s top advertisers

Earn More

onetize your user base and increase revenue when players engage with AdGem’s high-performing ad units

Direct Access to the Experts

Dedicated, in-house expertise and live chat available to deliver reliable support for monetization efficiencies, including best-in-class documentation

Up-to-the-Minute Reporting

Real-time analytics provide complete transparency with immediate, detailed results

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Our Offer Wall page integrates other offers wall for even more gains.

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