Integrate KING-WALL and add value to your websites, and offer limitless ads to your users.

First add your site, It will be analyzed by an Administrator or moderator.
Once validated, move on. (For your tests we advise you not to add our iframe immediately to your site but to use your iframe found here in the My Apps section in editing mode).
Once finished add our iframe to your site to start generating earnings.

In case of problems or if you are unable to integrate our site, please contact us for any manual intervention, we will need your FTP identifier as well as a member account, a coder will be mandated to carry out this task.

Please note this is not free, the coder may request remuneration of up to $50 or more depending on the complexity of your site.

iFrame Setup[API]&user=[USER-NAME]

Simply replace [API] with your API key found at My Sites page, and [USER-NAME] with the username of the user.

POSTback Values

Whenever a user clicks an ad successfully, we'll send few values to your API handler asking it to handle the user payments. We'll send the following details:

$_POST['user']; The username of the user who needs to be credited.
$_POST['user_ip'];; IP of user who clicked.
$_POST['pwd']; Your password used for authentication.
$_POST['amount']; Amount to be credited (would be like this 0.0001).
$_POST['cid']; The ID of the campaign which user clicked.
$_POST['cname']; Name of the campaign the user clicked on.
$_POST['type']; Type of ad click by the member (ptc, offer, etc.).

Sample POSTback API Handler


$secret_password = 'XYZThisIsMyPwd';
$user = $_POST['user'];
$user_ip = $_POST['user_ip'];
$amount = $_POST['amount'];
$reward_name = $_POST['reward_name']; 
$cid = $_POST['cid'];
$cname = $_POST['cname'];
$type = $_POST['type'];
$status = $_POST['status'];
$password = $_POST['pwd'];

if($pwd == $password) {
// Simply credit cash to the user, sample query down
mysqli_query("UPDATE users SET balance = balance + '$amount' WHERE user_name = '$user'");	

echo "Done, credited.";	
} else {
	echo "Invalid password.";